Super League

A concept that sees the pseudonyms of all twelve Super League teams, come to life in a game of rugby league, verses a human ‘Sky Sports’ opposition. Despite originally being tabled as a live-action and CG creative, budget forced an alternative solution, which lead to an animation-based treatment and a collaboration with Territory Studio to creative this abstract and playful title. Set against a simplistic two-tone blue environment (reflective of the rugby league branding on Sky), each team brings a splash of vibrancy to their respective scene with club colour accents, as they look to take down the opponent.

The sequence started out as a written script, before being story boarded, 3D animated and cel-rendered. The accompanying audio is a clever mix of music and character lead sound effects for each phase of play, perfectly timed to the music bars.


Role: Design Director
Agency: Sky Creative
Client: Sky Sports
Post Production: Territory Studio
Audio: Envy