Sky Sports News

Coinciding with Sky Sports’ ‘white world’ rebrand (launched at the same time), its flagship channel was to take on this new identity in a headline sequence commissioned to contain as much live news content as possible, while also being a flexible vehicle for story footage.

The concept plays on Sky Sports News HQ receiving its content from numerous different sources which all feed into a hub - the news room. It was important that the sequence showed a strong connection to social media and web-based content as well as traditional VT footage. The sequence therefore consists of a series of shots showing the build of a structure fed with actual live and up-to-date data. The camera moves and locks into a series of headline pieces (from 3-5) all triggered from the vision mixers desk. As the sequence progresses you eventually see that the build is in fact the Sky Sports News HQ logo.

The headline sequence is achieved with a combination of pre-rendered 3D clips, underneath dummy geometry which would carry the live statistics (direct from website feeds) and story VT clips, played out through VizRT. The music was written by Andre Diey and performed and recorded on location by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.


Role: Senior Designer
Agency: Sky Creative
Client: Sky Sports
Music: Prague Philharmonic Orchestra