Premier League 2015

The 2015/16 Premier League title sequence saw a departure from a traditional approach based predominantly around the league's lion and particle effects. The concept harks back to the basics, a tribal element of supporters, club colours, emblems and passion often seen in the form of banners held aloft in the stadiums. The narrative; all twenty teams are battling, ultimately to achieve their club colours on the trophy as Champions of the Premier League. This is most evident at the sequence finale, with champions colours transitioning in to the ribbons attached to the trophy.

All action clips used were sourced from footage shot by Sky Sports throughout the previous league campaign, with the additional club banners beautifully simulated in CG. The titles also received new music (Sigma ft. Labrinth – Higher), a bold and uplifting track which compliments and drives the visuals brilliantly.


Role: Senior Designer
Agency: Sky Creative
Client: Sky Sports