Kingdom of Dreams

A four-part chronicle of the fashion world covering three decades, using rare library material, never-before-seen personal archives and story-driven interviews to explore the ‘Golden Age’ of fashion from the early-1990s to the 2010s.

The title sequence for Kingdom of Dreams sets the tone and visual language for all of the episodic graphics and visual effects cutaways. The commission was to devise a flexible system of narrative-driven elements that would not only form the show's opening title, but also support the storytelling within the four episodes. This was a considerable challenge as the storyline was one of rich imagery and juxtaposition. In order to answer the brief, we pitched a single, yet iconic fashion element to live at the epicentre of the production and essentially function as the show’s brand – the fashion atelier’s mannequin. One side of which is opulent and bespoke, akin to the haute couture garments of the runways and the other side, is decayed, distressed and ruined, representing the casualties and the damage caused by the pursuit of success.

The creative desire to assist the storytelling with interstitial imagery stemming from the title sequence required far more than a single hero element. We tackled the many contrasting subjects - glamour, luxury, desire, illusion, greed, drugs, death – manifesting these through the use of striking, story-specific symbolism.

Beginning with the glamour and allure of the industry (represented through the highly decorative and bejewelled mannequin), the sequence meanders through a series of metaphors, seamlessly joined together using fine details, silhouettes, and subtle animations, taking the viewer on a dramatic visual journey of the rise and fall, as choreographed in the production. The title concludes by returning to the mannequin, though this time revealing the contrasting effect of global domination and greed, leaving its condition in tatters.


Role: Creative Director / Designer
Studio: Territory Studio
Client: Misfits Entertainment