Premier League 2020

Created entirely through remote-working during the pandemic lock down, the 2020 Premier League title – despite adverse playing conditions (empty stadiums etc) – captures the excitement of a new season, using a celebratory ticker tape treatment. While team colours are the predominant hue emitting from players, a subtle homage to past champions is evident in the form of gold tape for those teams whom have previously worn the winners badge. The sequence features all 20 teams with real focus on the diversity of the talent seen within the Premier League.

The whole sequence is top and tailed with the previous season’s champions (Liverpool), including subtle additions such as the red, club coloured ribbons and the reflection of Anfield in the end reveal. The sequence culminates with a ticker tape fanfare within the trophy presentation, with the ticker tape forming the Liverpool liver bird which adorns their crest.


Role: Design Director
Agency: Sky Creative
Client: Sky Sports
Post Production: The Mill
Audio: Envy